Although abortion is a hotly divided issue, the truth is abortion is legal and it's a reality for many women during times of unexpected pregnancy. There’s no denying it at our center, and we understand.  There's so much going through your head when considering this option, and we want to take the pressure off.

Maybe you never thought you would be in a situation where you'd have to contemplate abortion and now you need some non-bias and guilt-free support. The more you think about the goals and dreams you had for yourself, the more abortion seems like the ‘lesser of the evils’, and you just want to get back to your normal life. We get what you’re feeling. Give us a call.

Abortion is not a word we are afraid to say and talk about. Abortion is not intimidating or taboo to us. We just want to equip and support you in making the best choice for your life in a truthful and honest manner. Whatever you choose to do with your body—it's your choice. In our initial, pre-abortion consultation, we offer services at no charge to you.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Laboratory-Quality Pregnancy Test
  • Licensed Medical Professional Provided Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • STD/STI Education and Referral for Testing
  • Confidential Abortion Education—NO Judgment/NO Graphic Images—Just the most up-to-date information

Basics on the Abortion Pill & Morning After Pill

Medical Abortion (AKA RU-486 or the Abortion pill):  This is a multistep process. Mifepristone is given orally during the first office visit. Misoprostol is to be taken 24-48 hours later. Women report that what follows is “labor-like” pain with heavy cramping, along with heavy bleeding, for hours/days prior to the expulsion of the fetus. The end result occurs outside of a medical facility, usually at home. As with any medical procedure, there are health risks. A follow-up appointment with the abortion clinic doctor is highly recommended to ensure there are no signs of infection and that a surgery is not needed to complete the abortion. The financial costs have been reported to be between 300 to 800 dollars. Costs are higher if there are complications

Morning After Pll (AKA Emergency Contraception or E.C.): There are different types of morning-after pills and they are not the same as the abortion pill. While the abortion pill is taken after pregnancy is confirmed, the Morning After Pill is taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex. It works to: 1) prevent or delay ovulation; 2) prevent fertilization; or 3) prevent implantation after an embryo is fertilized (causing an early abortion). As with any medication, there is a likelihood of complications and side effects. Some side effects include: nausea, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, vomiting, menstrual changes and abnormal bleeding. The cost ranges from 35-65 dollars.

Even though we do not perform or refer for abortion, we want to arm you with all the information regarding the different procedures without the use of disturbing videos or photos. Pressure, shame or scare tactics are not what we are about here. We fully understand and believe your decision is—YOUR DECISION.

We are a non-profit organization and receive no financial gain in your pregnancy decision. Our goal is to help you during this time—and going forward—regardless of your ultimate decision. We are "Pro-Education" & “Pro-Woman”.