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Abortion Patient RIghts

Protecting your health and your legal rights is your responsibility.

You have the right to insist that your abortion is performed only by a licensed physician.

You have the right to know if this physician’s license has ever been suspended or revoked.

You have the right to know if this physician has a history of medical malpractice.

You have the right to be told whether this physician has medical malpractice insurance in case you are injured or killed during the procedure.

You have the right to insist that if you are injured during your abortion, you will be immediately transferred by ambulance to the nearest emergency hospital or trauma center.

Do not give away your legal rights.
At the abortion clinic you may be asked to sign a statement that you will not hold the clinic or doctor liable if you are injured or killed during the abortion. No competent attorney would advise you to sign such a statement.

Forced Abortion

Regardless of your age, marital status or any other factor, no one has the legal right to make you have an abortion.

If someone is trying to force you into this decision against your will, contact us, a lawyer or call Life Dynamics at 1-800-401-6494.

Medical alert for underage patients

The state of New Mexico does not require minors to get parental permission to have an abortion. However, if you experience any complications from your abortion, let your parents know immediately. Abortion injuries can be fatal and your parents are the ones who are best equipped to help you get the medical attention you need.

*The information on this page is from the Abortion Patient Rights pamphlet from Life Dynamics Incorporated.

Our Centers do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients. We are committed to offering accurate, up-to-date information about abortion procedures and risks.

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