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Many women choose to parent when they discover they are pregnant unexpectedly. We know that not every woman will want to take this route, however. If parenting is an option you’d like to pursue or you just want to know more about it, we have resources to help you.

Parenting is a lifelong commitment to a child from pregnancy through birth and for the rest of the child’s life. To parent means to provide for and support a child physically, socially and emotionally. It involves loving and caring for a child through the good times and the bad. Parenting shines a spotlight on you as you set the primary example of what it means to be human in a world filled with opportunities and pitfalls.

A Child's Basic Needs

First and foremost, a child needs food and shelter, which they cannot acquire on their own. Therefore, the initial responsibility of their parents is to provide a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.

Physical Safety

Children are initially too small and weak to protect themselves so it is the parent’s job to keep them from harm of any kind. This also means defending them if they are threatened or attacked.

Emotional Security

Initially, children do not understand many things and it’s up to their parents to guide them. As their minds are just developing, they can misinterpret situations, and become upset. Children need to understand the feelings of others and learn to control their own feelings. Further, they need to understand how to get along with other children and how to relate to adults and people in authority. They also need to learn many skills including self-control, cooperation, following directions, and the ability to focus and pay attention.

Social Skills

Social skills are the way in which we interact with one another. For a child to grow into a person who effectively lives and works with others, they need to learn the rules of society. It is a parent’s job to help them learn how to cooperate, to share and to be a friend. In addition, they need to learn such skills as participation, patience, listening and positive communications.

Workplace Abilities

Many abilities needed to function as an adult in the workplace are not taught in school. You, as a parent, can help them explore activities that build skills and help them discover their talents.

Internal Skills

It is important for a child to learn how to be happy with themselves. Life is challenging and difficult and so parents must teach their child to weather the storms that will inevitably come their way. Nurturing self-confidence will ultimately help bring them to a level of emotional maturity and happiness.

Learn More About Parenting

Along with our parenting classes, which go from pre-natal through toddler, you can learn more about parenting from The Child Development Institute.

Our services for parenting include:

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While we can help you determine if you are pregnant and give you up-to-date medically accurate information about all your options, we do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients.

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